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White woman gives birth to a black baby and accuses her husband of having sex with a black girl.
The events happened yesterday afternoon, in a hospital of Zamora (Spain). In the delivery room, a white woman gave birth a boy with her husband present. Everything was going smoothly until the baby appeared, causing great confusion in the medical team, that thinked the baby was purple because of a respiratory failure.
When the whole little body came out, they soon discovered the baby was perfect, a perfect black boy. The exhausted mother opened her arms to receive her son and when she had it on her chest, she immediately let go of her husband’s hand telling: “Son of a bitch, I already knew you were cheating me. look what you’ve done, go away”.
Her husband’s face was transformed without knowing what to say. He was invited to leave the room by the medical team. Definitely, was not easy for them understand what was happening there. “What woman said did not make sense and we have to stop laughing, but we had to respect her desire”

Белая женщина родила чёрного ребёнка и обвинила во всём мужа: он спал с чёрной девкой, поэтому у меня родился чёрный ребёнок!
Всё конечно смешно, но на Олимпийских играх у американца нашли наркоту в крови. Его оправдали. Он снял проститутку, с ней целовался и так у него в крови появилась наркота! Так и тут, новый метод размножения же!
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